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Educational Enrichment

Over 200 children in the SE quadrant of Fort Wayne, Indiana, receive weekly in-class educational enrichment throughout the entire academic year. The programming aims to inspire cognitive, emotional and language connections through music and cultural immersion with stories, finger-plays songs and movements. This is provided in partnership with Musical Conexion. 

Here in North East Indiana we have a waiting list of educational establishments

that would like to offer multicultural music and movement programming to the children in their care!



"The children love the music and movement program and look so forward to class each Friday. When they hear singing in the classroom next to us they get so excited and are on their feet with the first strum of his guitar.  Thank you so much for bringing the gift of music to our schools and classroom." 

"They have so much fun and get to learn about music, instruments, and a foreign language at the same time! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in sponsoring this program for our academy."

 "I love the teacher's calm manner with them, the students' attentiveness and excitement to participate and see what he's going to teach from week to week.   Many already speak a language other than English, and this bilingual Spanish music and movement program adds yet another layer.  Thank you so much for sponsoring this wonderful program!"

Kindergarten Teacher

1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade Teacher

"Presenting students with opportunities to learn to communicate by multiple methods and in multiple languages prepares them for the Twenty-First century world in which we live."

- Jennifer McCormick, IN Superintendent

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