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Family Concerts

We thank all of the families and children who attended our series of bilingual interactive family concerts here in Ft. Wayne!  Concerts were offered at the Ft. Wayne YMCA and at the main theatre of the downtown Allen County Public Library.  We were honored to receive a front-page article by the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, and a special television interview with WANE TV Channel 15 to share our mission and programming with the wider community.  The concerts were offered for free and open to the public thanks to a grant by the Community Foundation of Greater Ft. Wayne

"We had so much fun at the concert!

We can't stop singing Aram Sam Sam.

Hopefully there will be many many more opportunities in the future!"

- Emily Butler Justice (mother of 4)

Sister Song Circle

Bridging Worlds offers monthly Sister Song Circles open to the women and mamas of Fort Wayne.

Voice is the original musical instrument and there is no human culture, no matter how remote or isolated, that does not sing.

Singing is for us all. 

Singing in circle improves mood, reduces stress, and connects us deeply to ourselves, our children and other women.

With empathy and open hearts free of judgement, we kindle our inner Light, explore mindfulness practices

and weave our voices in a safe, and supportive intergenerational sisterhood.

  • There are no auditions, no solos, no performing, and no reading music.

  • Just simple songs taught by ear through repetition in group.

  • Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome, including mothers with their children.

  • All children including nursing infants are welcome in the circle as able.  

  • We provide the option of a children's chaperone in the adjoining activity room.

*Made possible by attendee contributions, donor sponsorships, and three local female-led organizations:

Bridging Worlds, Sophia’s Portico, and Beacon Heights

We respect all journeys and paths of faith, value ancient traditions of women's circles.



“Participating in the Sister Song Circle is like being part of a group hug. It’s warm, it’s welcoming, and it makes you feel connected and at peace.”

- Candace Schuler

"As a mother of young children, I long for sisterhood and wise women connections and am grateful to find a space that welcomes women and their children and offers nourishment and friendship. I am deeply grateful for these sister song circles for women from all stages of life to connect in relational and artistic ways.

- Amber Oda

"There is something incredibly powerful about sharing space and songs with women of different ages, learning from their wisdom, and embracing the unique perspectives each brings. "

- Marialyn Bazile

 "Music not only stirs the soul, but can create such a powerful positive energy that can heal.  Imagine what singing with others, like our Sister Song Circle, can do for our community, and even the world. " 

-Shelly Stump 

"The collaborative meal prior to Sister Song Circle builds a sense of relaxed belonging and serves as an extra layer of warmth and sisterhood before singing with women you may be meeting for the first time."

- Jennifer Moore

"I left Sister Song Circle feeling refreshed, inspired, and deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful community. I would invite any woman seeking connection, empowerment, and a renewed sense of sisterhood, to join us."

- Marialyn Bazile

"In these times when we can know the violence and heartbreak that happens around the world we must nourish ourselves and one another all the more intentionally and generously.  As women gather to sing together, singing each other's favorite songs, singing gentle lullabies, singing in many languages, singing of strength and hope, singing that creates and celebrates beauty - we generate more love among us, within each of us--to sustain each woman, each family--to share widely."

- Anna Lisa Gross

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