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 International Concert Series: 2024 

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At the heart of our International Concert Series is the belief that

music is a universal language that transcends borders and unites people.

Each concert is thoughtfully designed to showcase the unique sounds, rhythms, and stories of different cultures, providing audiences with an immersive experience that goes beyond mere entertainment.​

Our mission is to enrich and connect the lives of both artists and residents in Fort Wayne, Indiana and beyond, with cultures from around the globe. We are dedicated to curating high-quality, diverse artistic and educational experiences allowing residents to engage directly with artists and learn about the cultural contexts of their art.


By bringing together musical traditions, performances, and educational workshops, we aim to foster

a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich tapestry of global cultures. 

Through these enriching experiences, we hope to build bridges of empathy and curiosity, inspiring a more connected and culturally aware community in Fort Wayne and beyond.​​

 International Concert Series: 2023 

The Ft. Wayne based non-profit, Bridging Worlds, curated its 2nd international concert featuring Chilean artist, Daniel Delgado, who travelled to Fort Wayne all the way from the Southern Cone of the Americas. The concert took place in the beautiful Main Theatre of the Downtown Allen County Public Library. Some of Fort Wayne’s world class local musicians accompanied the composer, including Vivianne Belanger on flute, Brian Derek on bass, Tommy Saul on piano, Jose Morales and Colin Boyd on percussion and Phil Schurger on electric guitar. The Fort Wayne Dance Collective performers added their alchemy to the mix with visual interpretive dance. Daniel Delgado is a Chilean composer and guitarist. He has been recognized as one of the principal figures in the avant-garde fusion of Latin American music. Delgado has recorded two original solo albums and more than 10 albums with the internationally renowned group, Entrama.  Bridging Worlds aims to build bridges and connections between local artists and artists from other cultures and countries as part of our Bridging Cultures programming.

This live music experience was free and open to the public, brought to you by Bridging Worlds Non-Profit, in partnership with the Chilean Ministry of Arts & Culture, and Allen County Public Library. If you or your company is interested in helping to support future “Bridging Cultures” concerts please contact


"Typically, Latin American artists and musicians give concerts in bigger cities.

 The opportunity to attend a unique concert of this caliber here in Fort Wayne is enriching to my life on a professional level (Professor of Latin American Studies at Purdue University Ft. Wayne) and on a personal level.  I attended with my wife and young daughter, who takes piano lessons.  This opportunity also offered my PFW students a unique real-life experience of a contemporary artist from Santiago de Chile.  It was a fusion of Chilean music with various genres and further, a musical collaboration between the Chilean musician and local NE Indiana musicians.

This is a benefit to us all. Thank you”

Steve Buttes

"It is indispensable to our community to participate and to share in a cultural exchange that we would see in major cities. FW should be proud that we are hosting events that bring world class people and artists together right here in our own backyard."

Thomas Saul 

"Fantastic job to all who were involved. We look forward to a continued partnership with this amazing organization, Bridging Worlds!" 

Allen County Public Library

"These types of performances are so important for all the people who are searching for that sense of possibility or hope.  Those little reminders change lives.  I hope I get more opportunities to be a part of projects like this with so many amazing musicians and artists." 

Wolfgang Young

"I enjoyed the concert very much. The compositions were of superior quality.  The concert exemplified that the universal language of music transcends ethnocultural differences. The Chilean musician or artist can speak to the world with a  beautiful language of his or her own." 

Andres Montenegro

"Such experiences lead people to unify heart to heart beyond national boundaries. Events of this magnitude made an impact to fill and extend universality.  The value of presentations of this nature adds color to our locale. The experience of people and artists coming to our town  enhances the vibrancy of our city."

Shmuel Wahli 

"FW Is so lucky to have an organization like Bridging Worlds to bring in such talented musicians and composers from other countries that our community would otherwise not be able to experience live.  It is great to see the local talent of artists connect and perform together with artists from other parts of the world.  My hope is that these annual shows continue to enrich our community!"

Ashley Benninghoff


International Concert Series 2022 

Our first guest artist Chilean musician, Marcelo Jara, travelled to the Midwest from the Southern Cone to give a stellar performance of original music in his mother tongue.  He was accompanied by some of the region's finest musicians including Michael Patterson and Brian Derek on bass, Derek Reeves on viola, Phil Schurger on guitar, and Jose Morales on percussion. The concert was made possible by generous donations of individual philanthropists and Arts Midwest.  Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about this event and the work this non-profit is doing in our community, especially, WBOI FM Conexxion Latina, WANE TV, Waynedale News and El Mexicano News.


"Marcelo Jara comes from the land of great poets like Pablo Neruda and Gabriella Mistral.  Of singer-songwriters like Violeta Parra and Victor Jara.   And he represents it well.   More than a concert -an experience. Captivating, intense, passionate, moving. 

Thank you to Bridging Worlds for bringing Marcelo to Fort Wayne."

John Selby

"I was thrilled to be at the concert last night.  The music was so fascinating and beautiful, and performed with such excellence, that it didn't matter that -- not knowing Spanish -- I couldn't understand the words with my mind.  I felt them in my heart.  I was completely enthralled the whole time." 

Richard Koehneke

"Living in Ft. Wayne and having grown up in South America, I am thrilled to be a part of this initiative that brings forth a rich cultural exchange through diverse music from other parts of the world."

Maria Sutherland

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